लाल किताब से वशीकरण हिंदी में

लाल किताब से वशीकरण हिंदी में हम किसी भी लड़की या लड़के या अन्य व्यक्ति  का वशीकरण कर सकते है| लाल किताब द्वारा कई तरह से वशीकरण किये जा सकते हैं |

लाल किताब द्वारा हम किसी भी तरह का उस व्यक्ति पर प्रभाव डाल सकते है या उससे किसी भी तरह का कार्य करवा सकते है|


       लाल किताब से वशीकरण के टोटके

    • पुरुष वशीकरण (पुरुष को यानिकी पति को वश में करना)
    • बच्चो को काबू में करना.
    • अपनी गर्लफ्रेंड को काबू में करना.
    • बॉयफ्रेंड को वश में करना.
    • व्यापर में प्रगति के लिए.
    • दुश्मन को वश में करने के लिए

Vashikaran by red book:-

By red book we can do vashikaran of anyone by red book whether the boy or the girl . any type of vashikaran can be done by this red book , we can also put pressure on the person who is going to be vashikaran , we can take any work from him/ her by this vashikaran.

Vashikaran by red book by totke(लाल किताब से वशीकरण हिंदी में)

    • Female vashikaran
    • Male vashikaran
    • Child boundance
    • Vashikaran of the girlfriend
    • Vashikaran of the boyfriend
    • Hard working pragati
    • Vashikaran of the enemy


Female vashikaran:-

By red book vashikaran can be done easily . firstly if you want to do the female vashikaran than you just have to take the wheat powder and take the red cloth and after that write the name of the female on the red cloth and recite the name of mantra and make one chapatti and place in the red cloth and give this chapatti to your female partner and than after that she will be in your vashikaran.


Male vashikaran:-

if your male partner left you and goes to other female than we have a very special totka to do vashikaran. In this you just have to cut the hairs of the person who one is going to do vashikaran. And after that you just have to make burny hairs and rub it by your feet and he will love you fastly after that vashikaran.


Vashikaran of the children :-

if any child get irritates you than he is not able to concentrate properly on his studies than take 7 sugar points and take one cardamom and and place this into the paper and after than place it into under the bed of the children. And recite the mantra for 108 times and after that mix these mixture in the milk and give it to the children and after that they will be in your hands. This is one of the best vashikaran ever.


Vashikaran on the girlfriend:

if your girlfriend is not listening you than doesn’t matter for she what is going on. Than we have a solution for you , firstly you have to take the chocolate and after that without seeing her you just have to touch the chocolate by her whether she is sleeping doesn’t matter after that place this chocolate under your pillow and take the red color and mark this chocolate 7 times and after that recite this mantra in the night nearly 11:21PM . after that you just have to gave the chocolate to your girlfriend.After three to four days she will get attracted towards you and vashikaran by you.


Vashikaran on boyfriend :-

if your boyfriend is not listening you and get twisted in the other girl hand and than you have to take 3 cardemom and take little amount of fennel and put this into the black cloth and after that place this into water for two days after that two days remove from water and than stir it in the mixer , and put it into the sweets and gave that sweets to your boyfriend and after that he will completely be yours and get vashikaraned by you.


Mantra For success in work:

if you are not getting success in your work than you just have have to do very simple and best method , firstly you have to take one sandal stick and after that burn this stick on the stock and after that take the ash of the sandal wood and after that take this ash in the red cloth and recite this mantra at the home for 102 times and after tat place this cloth with ash on your business site and after some days it will work and you will definitely get success.


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