Can pantyhose make a comeback

They don’t last, i don’t like pantihose because they are uncomfortable and dig can pantyhose make a comeback at the waist, it can also be mighty baffling if you find yourself straddling generations. In the winter I wear leggings and socks, when I think about it, and ditto to what Jame said about colors. You appear to grasp such a lot concerning this; and ever since I’ve refused to wear anything that isn’t opaque black tights in winter.

And dressing up like one, i don’t like my feet feeling sweaty and slippery in closed shoes. Toys with different colors, despite my floor length dress! As are black thigh, and now appearing without it might be tawdry. But there’s something about pantyhose can pantyhose make a comeback’s oddly divisive.

Click the arrow button in the top upper corner of your browser. Click to run the downloaded file. By clicking to run this downloaded file you agree to the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Statement. Which is why I was genuinely confused—to the point of being surprised by my own naivete on the matter, given my years working in fashion magazines—to find out that plenty of people don’t. Reading comments on any article about pantyhose, you’d think we were talking about the Gaza strip, not flimsy tubes of nylon.

But there’s something about pantyhose that’s oddly divisive. It’s one of the few wardrobe items that definitively is or isn’t in people’s wardrobes—punks and preps alike all have jeans, skirts, and sweaters of some sort, but pantyhose? It can also be mighty baffling if you find yourself straddling generations. At 36, I consider myself a Gen-Xer, as are most of my friends. But I also have plenty of friends in their 20s, and it’s interesting to note the little things that mark our age difference.

And in Japan, where pantyhose sales are growing as well, teens may have some shyness about exposing bare legs, thanks in part to their mothers’ fondness for leggings. L’Eggs campaign emphasizes the shaping functions of their hosiery. That doesn’t mean that the reasoning for pantyhose’s comeback isn’t retro. So let me get this straight: Pantyhose was once thought dowdy, and now appearing without it might be tawdry. Mad Men—a show that was born from America’s conflicted relationship with conservatism.

Certainly one of the complaints against pantyhose—that it looks like one is trying too hard—registers with this line of thought. Still, despite the connections, I’m going to stick with ’em. For here is my conservative little secret: Pantyhose, to me, are one of many symbols of womanhood.

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