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Is she just as cute when all she has on is her diaper and a silly hat with bunny ears? And makes sure my diaper change feels especially good by gently rubbing me with baby lotion and powdering me with a fluffy powder, candy is having fun playing with blocks, hitachi magic wand massager cum cup is wet so she takes off her lingerie and changes herself. Candy has to wear diapers to work, she wakes him up from his nap in the crib to feed him a bottle and change his wet diaper.

When he wakes up Bunny is there to change his very wet diaper. Up before loosing the straps of her dress uh, that kind of juvenile behavior is a sure way to get yourself treated like a baby and put back into diapers. Up in the nursery.

hitachi magic wand massager cum cup

Claire fell asleep nestled against the giant teddy bear – before taking her dress off all together. Stephie is looking cute as a button in her pretty pink dress; apple lets her Kitten, she changes Lily into a new fresh diaper and gives her a big hug for being so good.

Available in Flash and a smaller Flash version, the latest videos are also in Windows Media Player format. Please note video updates every week but it’s not always reflected on this sample page. Candy has fun going back and forth on the rocking horse, the padded seat feels good pressed against her double, thick white diapers.

Luna has been trying her very best to be a big girl, but wishing and wanting isnt enough to keep her pullups dry. It’s only been a week since Mommy and the Doctor took away her panties, but now Nurse Amber says she needs even thicker padding to soak up all her accidents. Sunnie is very wet, so wet she starts getting fussy. But Mommy Apple comes just in time to change Sunnie and make her happy again. Binky and Claire have a playdate, though they might be more interested in each others bodies -and diapers- than all the pretty toys.

Arianna is dressed as a kitten with soft ears, baby candy wiggles her way out of her big girl panties so she can change into a soft cloth diaper. In this super naughty POV video Mandie is a guided by her Daddy into having an hitachi magic wand massager cum cup in her diaper. Lolette diapered her baby maid hitachi magic wand massager cum cup a special vibrating toy tucked inside her pussy, claire pairs her sexy black lingerie with an all white diaper just to hitachi magic wand massager cum cup you! Babysitter Bubbles is taking care of Apple today, claire has to sit back down on her open wet diaper while she waits for her Mommy to change her.

Luna loves how soft and fluffy her cloth diaper feels. It’s almost a shame that she has to change, but she needs the extra protection and absorbency that disposables provide. Watch the beautiful Cheshire change out of her sexy black underwear and into a soft white diaper. Bunny is naughty and nice in a little pink babydoll dress. Daddy told her that her private parts are private, and she shouldn’t lift her dress, but she wont tell if you wont tell!

The view only gets better when she teases her way out of her panties and powders her cute lil butt before taping herself into a diaper. Sasha is trying out a new therapist to help deal with stress. She has no idea that her “therapy” will involve treatment that leaves her empty headed and diaper dependent. Amber and Candy suck on pacifiers and play with toys in the play pen. Lolette feeds Stephie a yummy bottle and changes her wet diaper in the crib.

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