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Please forward this error screen to whuk5. Please forward this error screen to 173. Jump to navigation Jump to search J. Later in life and after his death, Hoover became a controversial figure as evidence of his secretive abuses of power began to surface.

John Edgar Hoover was born on New Year’s Day 1895 in Washington, D. Swiss-German descent, and Dickerson Naylor Hoover Sr. Hoover did not have a birth certificate filed upon his birth, although it was required in 1895 in Washington.

Two of his siblings did have certificates, but Hoover’s was not filed until 1938 when he was 43. Hoover was 18 years old when he accepted his first job, an entry-level position as messenger in the orders department, at the Library of Congress. The library was a half mile from his house.

Hoover noted in a 1951 letter: “This job trained me in the value of collating material. Hoover was hired by the Justice Department to work in the War Emergency Division.

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