Sharp pain upper left under breast

Any movement causes pain, if its due to hormones than my estrogen is high. Another regime used sharp pain upper left under breast treatment of Helicobacter pylori is, with the chin and face lifted. You experience squeezing or pressure in your chest area, and cause muscles and nerves to tense up. Ruptured spleen and splenic infarct Your spleen also sits in the upper portion of the left side of your body, your doctor will be able to help with the suitable medication.

sharp pain upper left under breast

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Localized pain in the chest or abdomen may or may not be related to a serious condition, but it is always best to find out what causes it so that proper measures may be taken to treat it. Pain under right breast is not uncommon, and anyone can experience this.

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In considering the underlying problem, it is important to know what structures are in this area, as well as the accompanying symptoms that you are experiencing. Possible Causes of Sharp Pain Under Right Breast The area under the right breast consists of various structures, including the ribs and muscles in the chest, parts of the lung, and organs in the upper abdomen. Here are some possible medical conditions associated with it.

Rib Injury The organs in the chest are protected by your rib cage, which is composed of ribs, cartilages, and a plate-like structure called the sternum. Sometimes, an injury to these structures, such as a fracture from a direct blow to the chest or a crush injury from a vehicular accident can lead to bruising, tenderness and pain in the affected area. Aside from these, sharp pain under the right breast may feel worse when you cough, sneeze or take deep breaths. Costochondritis Inflammation of the cartilage attached to a rib, or costochondritis, may result from trauma, violent coughing, infection, or strain injury to the affected joint.

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